Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm in hiding

It's not good, I know and I've mentally kicked my ass, but... My plate is full at the moment and when it is I'm just not very good at being nice, comforting and supportive to others and their numerous issues. Instead of verbally biting their heads off, chewing up and spitting out their problems with sarcastic venomous comments I go into offline hiding. I mean...I know that the radio playing just that song and ruining your entire day must be quite a bummer, but srsly I just don't give a fuck's turd!

Not everything sucks, not by far. My father in law's birthday was fun. Grandma Crazy was there - I have blogged about her a good while back, she's beyond crazy and a lot of fun. She's now older and even more crazy and she's settled for the "I don't remember my own children and grandchildren, etc" act...which isn't fun in it self, but she forgets to be consistent about it, which is a lot of fun when you catch her slipping up and she spears you with her CRAZED EYES OF DEATH.

My mother in law still hates her guts and on this day she was in a particularly vengeful mood, having a nasty cold and lacking even a hint of patience, she started telling Grandma Crazy about Runar being an executive and what not. Runar subtly - I swear! that entire family have absolutely no clue what that word means - tried to get her to stop and change subject. Hilarious!

My 15 yrs old son hates our guts. He wanted to visit these girls with a buddy of his for the weekend. The girls live in a different part of the country. He doesn't really know the girls, but his buddy has an online relationship with one of them, and apparently her parents said it was alright for the boys to come visiting for the weekend. Gee whiz, the boy is 15! We know nothing about the girls, their parents or even about where they live, apart from it being far away and that they need to switch trains to get to them. After much prodding we got to know that his buddy was not allowed to visit them alone, which basically is a parent's way to say no, without actually saying no outright... My son declared war on us and solemnly refused to do ANYTHING anymore. His main argument was that he has been helpful and been doing a lot of chores, which is true, he IS a valuable help, and that this ought to involve him being allowed to do everything he wanted to do... I can understand his frustration, being 15 can be pretty sucky, I am sooo relieved I'm not 15 anymore, I don't miss my teen years one bit!

My older sister is coming home this weekend and we're going to have a sister-chat involving tarot reading - f.u.n!

Heading up to the cabin today. Fall is here, it's going to be wonderful hiking in the rain and wind just Laika and I and then get home to a warm cabin and just feed the wood burner and be silly teens with hubby all night long

I will do the good and bad list when we get back, promise!


  1. Hope you're feeling back to perky soon! :D

  2. I would not go back to being a teenager again if some one paid me a billion dollars. UhUh.

    Have a fun weekend in the woods!

  3. I would pretty much do anything for a billion dollars.

    Yes. Anything.

    *waves* have fun at the cottage...

  4. Oh, family drama. :) I laughed. He probably doesn't hate yoru guts. It's that damned getting their way and making you feel guilty by claiming hate. Ah, is this what I have to look forward to in 9 years? ;p)

  5. Seri, the teen years can be a lot of work, but it's a lot of fun too. My son had forgotten about hating our guts the next morning, at least he went to the grocery store for me without complaints ;-) I do have a feeling he and his buddies were up to something this weekend, but the house was still standing when we got home Sunday, so...

    ...A billion dollars, gosh, I'm not even sure I can imagine that much money, still I doubt I would want to be 15 again even for a billion

    Oh, the weekend was vera nice!