Thursday, October 28, 2010


I've not blogged in quite a while. I've thought about blogging, I just haven't been able to get any actual words typed down. It's just how I am. When too much is going on around me and for as long as I'm in the middle of it all, I am too busy staying afloat fighting the currents, avoiding being swept away or drowned. I'm afraid that if I open up and start talking about things I won't be able to stop and I'll end up saying too much.

My kid sister is a top student with the Messing-up-my-life-Academy and I've spent the last few weeks trying to help her get her life back on track. She's ended her relationship to her drug-addict abusive boyfriend and left that part of the country and moved in with my parents for the time being. Her resume is done and job applications are now sent, I'm crossing fingers and hoping things will work out this time.

My father is struggling so hard getting his failing 80 years old body to work and not giving up trying. I'm so proud of him and I love him so much. My mother is...well, herself and she's a person who needs a lot of attention and a lot of sympathy and will put on acts if she feels she's not getting enough. Problem is that she does have serious health issues, she's got a tumor in her brain and her metabolism is messed up. My sister having moved back home with them for the time being is not easy for them and it gets the worst out in my mother

My sister in law discovered two new lumps in her breasts, they've removed the lumps, but they have yet to decide whether or not they're cancerous. She had breast cancer treatment 2 years ago and was declared cancer free then. She coped very well last time, but this time she's having a very rough time coping.

My sisters were given each their piece of land for building their own cabin on when I inherited the mountain farm. They have now started the serious planning and organizing of the actual building. The cabins will be close, but not that close. It's not like any of the cabins will block our view or bother us in any way at all. Trouble is that hubby is coping very poorly with this. He dreams up every diabolical scheme in the book and there is no end to all the problems he envisions for  himself regarding to this. Dealing with his issues and paranoia is the last thing I need, but naturally that is when they surface...

I'm being stretched to the limits of my abilities trying to handle all the bouncing balls and I should be focused on how to deal with the appointment with the psoriasis specialist the 15th of Nov.... I have to find some way of mustering up the courage and the knowledge of how to deal with this doctor. Last time I chickened out and was only able to stutter out the exact words I promised myself I would not say: "I need a diagnosis that is official". That's like waving a red flag over here.

Do any of you know anything about psoriasis? Do you know any informative sites I can look up?

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