Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Small comforts that lighten up gray days

It's been a crazy weekend. I can't really go in details, but Friday was spent waiting in and around my car for 12 freakin' poured down most of the time too. Family can be quite a challenge at times. 'nuff said!

I did treat myself to a couple of treasures as well this weekend. I bought two books

 The Rain Wild chronicles' first series first book Dragon Keeper is set in the same frame as the Live Ship Traders series and it more or less continues where the last book ended. Some new characters are introduced and we meet some of the old familiar ones, like Althea and Brashen Trell and Paragon the Mad Ship.

Thymara a young Dragon Keeper and a marked Rain Wilds child accepts to follow the deformed and undeveloped dragons up river to a mysterious place some of the dragons remembers from old, but that most people doubt exists today. Alice Kincarron Finbok, newly wed to Hest Finbok sets out to find and study the dragons and accompanying her is Sedric who is Alice childhood friend and Hest's secretary and secret lover. The two ends up as part of the expedition. There is drama and side stories in abundance in proper Hobb style. I was quite anxious about this new series as I was very disappointed with her Soldier Son series, but I have to admit that after having finished this first book of the Rain Wilds Chronicles, I'm slowly starting to regain my love for her work. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series; Dragon Haven

Watcher of the Dead I've just started reading this little treasure. I was very, very ambiguous to this purchase, because she takes forever! to finish her books and my book-budget is highly limited, but it called my name ever so loudly and insistent from it's hidden place high up on the shelf, I gave in. Time will show whether or not I'll regret my choice.

...and now if you'll excuse me, I have two young nieces to entertain. We're going to the store to buy their favorite dinner - fish and chips :P

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