Tuesday, December 14, 2010


That should be my family name. It would fit nicely and scare away good people...
what a weekend!
I was awoken Saturday morning by a phone, my niece was scared out of her mind.

Niece; "Auntie, come save us! Come get us now! He's a bonefide madman, he's nuts, he'll kill someone!" 
Me: "Huh? Hang on, I'm still half asleep, what's going on? Where are you?"
Niece: "We're at my friends house, H., T. and me, we were out on the town yesterday and were going to sleep here, but he's gone badass crazy on us, I'm scared, he's not safe...etc"
Me: "Call the police, if he's freaking out, you need to call the police, because I'm an hour's drive away....wait, why are you calling me instead of your parents(my older sister) who live 10 min away?"
Niece: "Ehh...well kid-sister doesn't want to bother any of the family and...ehhh...'
Me: Call the police!

My kid sister - the one I more or less forced to get an abortion earlier this fall - remember her? Well, even with the things that happened to her with her loverboy - he's 50 something btw - this summer AND regardless that she had to escape from her northern hometown to get away from him alive, yes that sister,  she decided in her less than apt logic, to give this guy yet another chance and have him come south for a visit. They were supposed to stay at our cabin, as she lives at my parents house for the time being until she manages to get a job. This man who had told her that he had quit his drug use and gone clean and had full control of himself and his mental issues (He is bipolar and has ADHD), was not only still using speed, he was on his 4th day without sleep when he came down.

All the while my niece was screaming over the phoneline, I could hear my kid sister and her bf shouting in the background while things were being thrown about and broken by the sound of it.

I hung up and called my older sister(my niece's mom) and told her what was going on and she went to pick up the girls taking some cash with her to hand to Mr Loverboy for the fare home up north. Then I sent a text to my sister: "I am not driving an hour to pick you guys up because Mr Loverboy is drunk, grumpy and being a foul mouth. If he is worse off than that,  you need the police, not a p'ed off big sister with a bat." (I hadn't heard a word from anyone yet about his druguse and his, by now, 6th day without sleep speed trip, but I had listened to her going on about all the things he had done to her this summer and I was ready to kill. My older sister hadn't heard any of his earlier doings and were more calm and thus better suited to pick them up without murder happening)

When my older sister reached the place the police was already there and had taken care of the spun freak. Two very subdued, ashamed and suddenly dead sober girls got taken home. ...I should perhaps have minded their feelings, but hells bells! They are 30 and 35 years old. Screw their dignity! They ought to know better, well, my niece is diagnosed borderline and is excused for freaking out. She's on strong meds and she also sent me a very sweet text message apologizing for freaking out on me, but my kid sister...ARGH! My sister...she later admitted that not only did he come down here spun, but he had smuggled along two bags full of speed, which she apparently fought him for, got hold of one and emptied the contents out on the cabin floor - yes, my cabin floor, covered in white powder, how groovy     NOT!

I managed to not yell and tell her "I told you so!" But she could probably read it in my eyes. She swears solemnly that she is now completely over the douche-bag and that him having verbally abused her friends and family member and acting threateningly towards them was an eye-opener because it was totally unacceptable behavior. I told her she ought to have the same standards regarding herself and stop bringing a shovel when  she was out searching for a man. There are plenty men out there, no need to dig the bastards up.

Hubby has his usual brilliant logic about it all. "Her ovaries overheated, because she was hungry for his co*k and it stopped her blood from reaching all the way to her brains."

 My dad told me yesterday when I was home making moose sausage with him, that her talents for finding men sucked major A$$. We were alone at the time. Oh, right, I should perhaps mention that my mom, after the doctors told her that her brain tumor hasn't changed and isn't pressing on anything and that she is actually quite healthy under the circumstances, declared herself well enough to attend the annual Christmas dance with her line-dance club and had me fix her up with makeup etc to look gorgeous(her words), then spent 30 min teasing my dad with questions of the kind: "Do you really dare letting me out alone looking as hot as this?!?"

She was a bit miffed that the two of us wanted her out of the house while we were sewing up the sausage and wanting to embarrass him a bit. She can't help boss us around even if she isn't taking part of the work and it drives everybody nuts. He asserted her that of the men in her line dance club, he ACED them all and that he had nothing to fear. I added that if he wasn't such a self-assured man-catch himself, he'd lock her up and sit on top of her guarding her all day long, which pleased her immensely and her 76 years old feet danced out of the house.  ...there is something very odd and quite a bit disturbing having your 76 and 80 years old parents flirting around like teenagers, I tell yah!

Oh, there was a nice surprise greeting me when I arrived at their house. In the way of a 340 $ gift certificate at a hardware store with regards from my older sister. Payment for my last piece of translation work for my sister's company. Turns out they agreed to my terms and will pay me in gift certificates until my disablement case has been settled, when I'll be getting a contract giving me the same or better payment as their central translation firm gets for translation jobs for the local GE Health facility. I might add that the central translation firm is situated in Oslo where the wages are way above the wages we have here in this small town region. Guess who's getting herself a new coffee machine maker for Christmas -happy grin-

There is much more family drama going on, but I'll put a lid on it for now. I'm sure you're traumatized enough for one day as it is already...


  1. *Hugs*

    Wow girl, I don't think I took a breath the whole time I read. Wow. So sorry you're dealing with all that crap! Who to slap first?

    *hugs* and happy holidays! I hope things improve for you. :)

  2. *hugs back* thanks. My kidsister is a handful. She crashed here last night, she'd said her goodbyes to the loverboy and then gotten bawling-at-the-bar-drunk at the local pub...hopefully she'll be able to get her act together now that he's out of the picture for good.