Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Finally, snow!

It's been insanely cold the last few weeks, but today big fat snow flurries are filling the air. Jubilation! Temps last night was about 0 - 5 F and today it's around 30 F I know the cold temps will return, but for now I'm going to enjoy the snow and relative warmth

I've got a new and for me ├╝berfancy cellphone. I got two from my phone comp more or less for free by agreeing to another year's subscription. It takes good pictures, I'm just not a good photographer....anywho, here goes:

...and now I have to hurry and get ready. Yesterday I baked Christmas cookies and today - aii very  soon - my nieces and nephew are coming for a taste 'n' visit


  1. It's been a low of 28-30┬║F all week here... effing cold but no snow because, well that just doesn't happen in SC often. :)

  2. yikes! That is insanely cold for SC, almost worse than our 0 F, because after all, we're used to and prepared for the cold temps.

    PS! The first and last picture, it's not out of focus, it's the falling snow I've tried to capture...failing rather miserably, I know, I know.