Friday, January 28, 2011


Friday is here. Huzzah. It's been one of those weeks, I'm glad it is over.

I had an argument with my son this morning I never thought I was going to have, ever. He's been home from school with fever and sore throat since Wednesday and I wanted him to stay at home today as well, because I could tell he still had a fever. He desperately wanted to go to school. I mean, WTH?!? I knew something was up and sure enough. Turns out he was going to be introduced to his buddy's girlfriend BFF today. What can I say, he's 15, it's not that I can't understand his motivation...I let him go to school.

Hubby and I are heading up to the cabin in a couple of hours. I can't wait. We need some happy time alone. I have a new audio book ready, I have my knitting(House, if you read this; I am working on your socks, but my fingers are being meanies and it's taking me much longer than normal to finish them. But they will be!)

It is ridiculously cold, but sunny - should make fior a perfect night for admiring the night sky with  the myriads of star constellations. I saw a shooting star yesterday. huge, bright and awesome!

Have a fantabulous weekend, guys!

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  1. OMG SOCKS! :D

    WV: Toast! Hahhaha Toastie feetsies! :D