Friday, February 4, 2011


..and the day for doctor's appointment. I'll be getting the results today.  I can't talk about that more...

Temps are finally above freezing. With gales and insane rain, but at least much of the ice has melted. Whee! Temps usually drops to below freezing at nights when it isn't raining and my aching has been bad. Yesterday I couldn't stand it any longer - the aching all over for no apparent reason - so I cleaned the house to at least give myself something to blame for being a wreck. Took the dog for a long walk and persuaded hubby to give her a shower. Clean house and clean dog. Nice!

Every Thursday night hubby, his youngest brother and father get together here to gamble. Not poker or the lottery, but European soccer league. They don't spend much money and they have fun socializing. It is a good thing. But. Yesterday it was only hubby and his brother and Thomas introduced hubby to the 'joy' of internet auction.

I kid you not. The dude went over the top insane with the need to bid on all kinds of stupid things we don't need at all! Fair enough, they got some speakers for the boat cheap. Fine that was perhaps needed, but more tools?!? Oy vey! And socks?!? I mean, what's that about?
Then he started on bidding on clothes for me, I wanted to knock the both of them out before they ruined us all.    Luckily somebody put in higher bids on the clothes and I was able to stop them from further biddings. I hope to god their father manages to stop them from going insane shopaholics next Thursday. If he starts crazy bidding as well, I'm going to call in the force [read Mother in law] together we'll wrestle the keyboards away from them :P

Eitherwho, it is Friday, best day of the week!!! We're heading up to the cabin for some much needed grown-up time -does happy dance-

Have a fantabulous weekend y'all!

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