Thursday, February 10, 2011

Busy week

It's been a busy weekend and week. Constant visits, watching after kids and today, I'm off to look at a flat with my kid sister. She and my parents have reached the end of their rope. She's moving out even though she doesn't have enough work to get by on if she's to pay rent as well...they're going to help her out financially until she gets more work. Is it wise? Probably not, but I can certainly understand both parties. She'll be moving to the biggest city in this region and she will likely stand a much better chance of landing a full time job there compared to the small town my parents live in.

I have no idea what the weekend will be like. The weather is still crazy. We've gone back and forth between above and below freezing. Yesterday it snowed, today it rains. Slush-time!Whether or not the boys will be able to do any log work depends on the weather and the weather is pretty darned unpredictable right now. If it's below freezing they should be able to drive the tractor across marshes, if it's above, that is a very risky business. It also depends on how much it's been snowing up there. too much snow and the tractors get stucked, blah, blah, blah, yaddi, yaddi,ya....

The scan results didn't show any MS, thankfully. Doc demanded I see yet another specialist. A rheumatologist(?), this time - again - because according to her it's time to see whether or not there is much change from last time I was there. she actually believes I'll get an appointment before if. It took me more than a year last time, what makes her think this time will be any different...oh well. Minding my mental state... Thinking positive...O' Ja!


  1. I'm glad MS has been ruled out. Hopefully you can get an appointment with the rhumatologist ASAP!

  2. Thank you, so am I =) I hope so too. I'll have to be checking up on my doctor to make sure she sends the requisition and that she marks it with 'urgent'.