Monday, February 21, 2011

Translation work

Looks like I'm in for yet another busy week. Got another translation job today. Not for my sister this time, but a colleque of hers. My sister's immediate boss recommended they talk to the person my sister used for smaller translation jobs. It's from Norwegian to English, which is a new challenge as I've only translated from English to Norwegian for them earlier.
I am so stoked! This only confirms they're pleased with my work and want to use me more. I gave them my assessment of the job and an estimated time needed. As it involves some powerpoint work on parts of the translation it will take me a bit longer to get the correct finish as I have to work with the ones they sent me. I was smart and did an over-estimation on the time schedule. They were more than pleased and even gave me a prolonged deadline on the powerpoint forms. I've translated more than half of the Word documents already, because I want to make sure I have time to check that I use the correct terms and vocabulary...although, the so-called business English I've seen in previous works have been hideously bad, to say the least, I want to use proper everyday English that people actually understand.

I also got a text from my sister in law. She's finished with her third round of chemotherapy and is spending the week at home(the inlaws). She's lost all of her hair, but she has a wig, although according to my parents in law she doesn't much like wearing it. It'll be great seeing her again. She's gotten over the worst of the shock and depression regarding the discovery of the second outburst of cancer and she appears to be back to her old self - full of spunk. We'll probably meet up in town for a chat and a cup of coffee and she'll also be spending Friday night at our place. Fun, fun!

The weather is still crazy. Last week we had snowstorms for days. Depressing. I long for spring and warm weather. It's frustrating not being able to walk the dog without suffering hellish aches and pains due to the freakin' cold temps. Simen is being surprisingly mature and helpful for a 15 years old boy. I shoveled the steps and a path to the wood shed one morning while he was at school last week. He told me to please let him do ALL the shoveling. The rest of the week, he started shoveling steps and driveway immediately after school, even before coming inside. He also asks me what I need at the store, which, to me, means a lot - I hate having to ask him for help all the time and it absolutely makes my day when he volunteers to do these kinds of chores for me.

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  1. Cool to hear that Simen has changed towards maturity. Emily has been making changes in that direction, too.