Monday, February 28, 2011

Winter break

Weekend up at the cabin was wonderfully lazy. Well, there was the incident of hubby getting both tractors stuck in the snow while clearing the driveway of snow and the wifey - aye, that would be me - ending up driving both of them. As this happened late Friday night (there are no street light up in the mountains, and it was snowing/sleeting so no moon or stars to see by either) He was forced to let the tractors be where they were stuck and the driveway remain a complete cratered mess of snow drifts and tractor wheel tracks, etc. 

Getting to and fro the car was like struggling through a bloody steeplechase! We had brought our old 32" TV with us so that we wouldn't have to watch movies on my laptop. This is the old fashion type of HY-UUUGE TV sets, heavy as a house. The car was all the way out by the road and there was no way I would be able to help carry that monster all the way inside. That was when hubby got the brilliant! idea of hauling the TV on a sledding board and some tarpaulin. Through the steeplechase driveway. Needless to say it was an EPIC FAIL idea. We had to return the TV to the car, but we did have fun while we were at it :P  and we then called it a night and had more TV-less fun indoor.

Saturday I was ready for my first ride in the monster-tractors (we used to have a cute little ISEKI tractor that I loved)  I had sort of made a deal with myself, not to drive any of the new() tractors (because now that I have a hubby and a son who's old enough to drive/run everything up there, I feel I no longer have to mess about with tractors and other motorized vehicles/machinery on the farm) I guess my deal lasted for 2 whole years....

First I was ordered to drive the 1969 MF beast while trying to pull Runar and the 1970something Lamborghini beast free off the snow drift. After the rope had snapped 3 times, hubby decided that it was my fault for being a lousy driver and made us swap places. After the rope snapped 3 more times, he decided that perhaps it would be best to use a chain instead of nylon...immediate success.

Hubby worked for hours and got the driveway cleared of snow, but his hopes that the getting-himself-stuck-in-the-snow incident would go by un-noticed did not work out so well. The neighbour farmer and friends had the time of their lives teasing him about it. Of course they also fell over laughing when they heard that I had been forced to drive not only one, but both of the wheeled monsters I had solemnly swore never, ever to set my foot in, evah! ...there really isn't all that much happening up there, I feel honored to be able to contribute to their entertainment :P

Anyway, it's winter break up here this week. No school and the house full of teenage boys coming and going all day and evening. That is as it should be, by all means, but I do have plans of spending a couple of days up at the cabin all by me lonesome. Well, Laika will of course come with me, she's good company around the fireplace and also good company for hikes/ski trips.

I'm still working on the translation assignment. I received positive feedback for the 17 pages I've finished and returned, which was nice as this was the first assignment from Norwegian to English type of work. I've got 6 forms of 'Hot Work', Work in confined spaces' type of EHS shite left, but as it's winter break they gave me an extra week to finish them.

Runar is working late tomorrow, I plan on getting some forms finished and then head up to the cabin Wednesday night. W00t. I can't wait. Solitude, cabin, fire crackling in the wood burner, a good book, coffee and something avec+++ I can eat, sleep, walk or doing absolutely nothing at all whenever I like without having to mind anyone else's needs or whims. It simply can not get any better!

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