Friday, April 29, 2011

Weird night

Tonight I woke up suddenly, with a feeling of cold dread and a shiver running down my neck. What was that sound? It sounded like muffled screaming, like somebody being strangled under a pillow or something. For a split second I thought someone was trying to murder my daugther - only that in my confused not quite awaken brain she was a toddler again. I heard the sound again and realized that the direction the sound was coming from wasn't right. I turned my head and sure enough. It was my hubby's nose making a long thin wailing sound :P

So, I lay back down, thinking about what a truly fascinating man I'm married to. The sounds that man can NOT make in his sleep, isn't worth mentioning. I had almost fallen back to sleep when there was another sound. This sound was the most pitiful whining ever. Quite softly and oh so sorrowful. I sat straight up. OMFG! I had forgotten to let the dog in from the balcony. That poor old thing sat huddled up against the door crying barely audible as if she was certain we'd abandon her and she was all alone in the world. I still feel worse than bad for her.

Earlier that day I had trimmed her fur using one of those hair trimmer machines. She must be the most patient dog out there. I had forgotten that piece letting you decide what lenght you want it to cut, so it was basically just a razor, but she didn't seem to mind. She'll let me lay her down, roll her over, turn her around. She sits still while I run the machine around her ears, even.

Then there was the scrubbing down in the shower - which she thinks is very scary and she'll be shivering all over until she's done, but she'll go into the shower freely and she'll stand and sit and move as she's told. ...and as a thank-you-gift I forget her out on the balcony in the cold and the dark.  Oy vey! The worst part is that when I finally came and opened the door for her, she was all happy. I was immediately forgiven. I love that dog!

And now we're heading up to the cabin for the weekend. I'm going to buy Laika a special treat and that's a promise!

Have a fantabulous weekend, guys

PS! I've just finished Raymond E Feist's A Kingdom Besieged. Holy smokes. I'll be doing one of my not-quite-a-review blogs when I get back from the cabin


  1. Poor dog. Last night, Emily said goodbye to all the animals, and she cried. A lot. Elizabeth hates the new place, because it is small and cramped and needs cleaning and repairing and proper A/C. I did all my crying a week earlier, and I just wanted to be out. The new owners love the place and wanted the animals. I know they were the exact right people to buy it. The place is in good hands.

  2. *hugs* Oh, Eileen, I am so sorry to hear. Poor kids. It's good Em cried, though, instead of bottling it all up.

    I'm glad to hear the people taking over the farm are good people. Good job on finding the right ones!

    Hope you girls will be able to get along with the new place in time.

    Are you able to get online from now on? I've sure missed yah