Thursday, May 5, 2011

Issues with insurance company

Being honest and doing the right thing ought to pay off. Right?!? I really should. I believe in honesty. I have raised my kids to be honest. I've told them that  they're smart enough and that as long as they keep to the truth, work hard and do right by themselves and others, they'll do okay and that in the long run they will have far less worries than a lying, sneaking cold hearted cynical bastard would and have far happier lives too.

Reality, however doesn't work that way. In reality people screw you over again and again and when you do things the right way and you're being honest; reality doesn't only screw you, but screws you TWICE over.


It's frustrating and it is making me a cynical cold hearted bastard and I hate that!  Of course I've told my kids this as well. I've told them that life isn't fair, never has been and never will be so many times I can't count them. But, I have claimed and still do claim that it is possible to grow up and not become a cynical cold hearted bastard as long as they work hard, keep to the truth and do what is right...because I really don't want them to grow up into cynical cold hearted bastards. The world has too many of those already. The way the world is today and where the world is heading, the expression: "Go to hell!" becomes more or less meaningless...

-whine whine, pout, whine, display of cynicism, complain, hate, sulk, whine, blah blah blah.-

Got a letter from my insurance company. They are charging me of lying and giving false information. Damn them to seventh lower hell and back!

At the time I got my disablement insurance I had problems with anemia and asthma. I was honest about these things - I mean, there is no point not to as they can get info about medical records eitherwho. I think this is what irks me most about this whole thing. Hells Bells! Do they think I'm STUPID?!?!  In order to get an accident- and disablement insurance, you need to fill out this form regarding health and accidents etc. I took this form to my bank/insurance comp. and asked for help filling it out. I told them truthfully about my health issues that I was aware of at the time and that I had had various periods of  sick leave from my job and didn't remember them all. I was told I did not need to worry about that as they would get the necessary info from the authorities and doctors. I was told to just leave the part with sick leave blank and that she would write a note explaining why and about our meeting.

The issues with my anemia and asthma was noted and I was told that any health issues regarding those would not be covered - which I knew and which is why I told them about it. (oh, and this part of that meeting and about my insurance, they do have info about. How surprising....NOT!)

Anyhow, I filled in what I was told was necessary and handed in the form and believed everything was okay. Earlier this winter I had a talk with my insurance guy who informed me that I was missing out on a lot of money as I was eligible  for disablement insurance since 2006/2007. He helped me fill out a request form and I was happily awaiting feedback from them, believing all was well and fine.

Until I get this letter where they point out the missing date-info about my earlier sick leaves and used this against me, claiming I lied about important info and was thus not eligible for any disablement insurance at all and never would be.

I've been on phones with them all morning and have written a letter - as requested - to them, so now I guess I will have to wait and see what their next move will be. I don't doubt for a second that they will have one or many.  Dastardly vultures! <_< .  

Lesson for future: Don't trust anybody (this is old news) Get the names - full names - of everybody you talk to, be it banks, insurance, government, doctors or priest(Yes, priests, in my experience these are the worst liars of the whole lot) and preferably get everything IN WRITING. Never trust employers to help you when they say they will, never trust them when they say that you don't need to bother about this and that. Always do the bloody hard work of gathering all copies - always keep copies of documents regarding banks, insurance, governments, doctors and priests in a secure place.

And last but not least; when they pull out their insane charges and claims, slap your copies  and documents with full names and correct info in their laps and roar in their faces and get what you are owned!

PS! I know I promised a review that is not quite a review on the boos I've read lately, but I can't write fairly about books I like when I feel like axing someone...I'll get there, though...eventually

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  1. Awe! I'm sorry you have been having so much trouble! *hugs*