Friday, May 6, 2011

Short update on insurance issues

I decided to talk to my local insurance guy before I did anything. Lucky call. He told me what I needed, which was a written confirmation from my employer at the time I took out my insurance.

Apparently they are trying to nullify my entire insurance by claiming I was on sick leave at the time I signed it. A quick call to my former employer took care of that. She'll give me a written confirmation that I was in fact working 100 % at that time, no problem. The other stuff, he said, was either way pointless as Asthma isn't covered and the missing date they are referring to is concerning this. He also told me to point out that it was one of their employees who guided me in what to type.

According to him, the insurance company owed me quite an amount of money, which is why they were trying their best to wiggle out of the deal, but as long as I got that written confirmation from my employer I should be safe.

Now hubby and I are heading up to the mountains for a rare occasion of work-free weekend. W00t.

...just to be on the safe side; I'm sure it doesn't hurt my case if you keep your fingers crossed that things will turn out alright ;-)

Have a fantabulous weekend, guys!

1 comment:

  1. euch, insurance companies suck. it sounds like you have a bit on an ally on the inside, so that's good.

    Have a nice relaxing weekend at the cabin and tackle it again on Monday.

    WV: equall - cause we are!