Thursday, June 16, 2011

As promised - pictures

 The forest mirrored in the lake
 A very young spruce greeting the late spring sun welcome
 strolling through spring green medows
 old trees are awesome - One large branch had been hit by lightning during the winter

 A mini lighthouse. The shifting weather makes for spectacular variation in light
 'Oh, hai!'
 "Wait! Let me fix my pants...heey, there are living things in here!" (the ground was wet and muddy and I had to roll up my pants and I automatically got transformed into a public transportation vehicle for bugs)
 "Okay, I'm ready" Why do I end up looking like an old aunt when posing?
 Me: "Look happy!" Hubby: "Whaat?!?"
 7 pictures later "Get that thing out of my face, already, or I will kill you slowly and painfully!"
There is a bird on the upper left branch of this dead tree

Water plants are blooming

This wading is Laika's definition of swimming and it's as sassy as this landlubber gets near water :P
And because I promised you - the sorry state of my scalp and what's left of my hair
There aren't any open sores anymore, but the skin is still red and irritated...I just hope my hair will grow back eventually

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