Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thunder storms

Woke up 6:30 dead certain the roof was falling down on me. Summer's first proper thunderstorm had finally arrived. I can't help it, I still get exhilarated by them. I don't freak out and crawl under the sofa or fight with the dog who's gonna be underneath the other, as I did when a kid. Still, I have to admit that my heart does pump a little extra. Watching the lightning and counting seconds until the crack of thunder. Both Simen and I woke and ran upstairs to watch from the large living room windows. Of course I first ran around pulling out plugs from sockets like crazy (I've had two computers and one router killed in thunderstorms; I've learned my lesson). It didn't last long, but it was awesome for as long as it lasted.

All of yesterday it was humid and the air was as it only gets before a thunderstorm. I worked furiously in the garden all day to get everything done before the rain set in. The flies were obnoxious and biting like crazy - they always do before thunderstorms. The humid air and biting flies, plus the birds being silent. 3 sure signs. I knew it was coming. I had hoped it came in the middle of the night when it's dark. As we live so far north, it's only dark for a few hours from midnight till 3 am. The lightning is extra awesome when it's pitch dark and it lights up the entire sky. The thunderclouds darkened the sky enough for us to admire the lightning all the same. Huzzah for thunderstorms during summer!

Otherwise, things are still crazy-busy over here. Charlotte's party was a huge success and she couldn't have been more surprised or happy, which is as it should be. Runar's birthday was Monday and only his parents and siblings were here. He had begged me not to notify anyone. He's working late most days and whenever he's had an extra hour or two, he's been working on our boat. He's ordered the crane truck for Friday and he's hired() me and his youngest brother to help get it ready in time. The boat is going on the water come Friday no matter what!

I've given up waiting for Runar or Simen to help me get the garden in order and started on it myself. I'm aching like hell and by the end of each day I can hardly move at all, but at least I see improvements and at least I can enjoy being in the garden while it's still summer.... I got Runar to buy an electric lawnmower with wheels, small enough for me to handle. It was a bitch to mow the lawn the first time - especially since it was 3 weeks since it had been mowed last and the new mower wasn't really up to the task of 3 weeks worth of weed.... I cringed most of the hour and a half it took me by the strangled desperate sounds it made and I'm surprised I wasn't charged with lawnmower molesting by the neighbours :P After I mowed it again yesterday it now actually  - at least almost - looks like a garden.

I discovered 3 anthills in my garden while mowing. The first one I didn't notice until something stung and I looked down. Both legs were covered in frantic angry ants. Yes, I wore shorts. Nasty little critters <_<. I have now, hopefully, massacred them all. I don't mind ants - in the wood. They're not welcome in my garden or in my house.

Oh, my disablement case is on hold. If I understood my caseworker right, my doctor has refused to give them extra info regarding my psoriasis. He informed me that until their doctor had heard back from my doctor, nothing would get done on my case. I called my doctor's office and she was on vacation. I love bureaucracy....NOT!


  1. You work so hard, even when it causes pain. I should be so industrious. I have 24 years of bad habits to purge. I got lazy. :(

  2. I'm lazy too, Eileen. Last two days I've been dozing off in bed until 10. Simen has had training days yesterday and today - just the dog and I at home and we've been lazy. She's as sore and stiff joined as I am, I don't know who of us has groaned the loudest when we've had to move :P