Friday, June 24, 2011

Update randomness

I'me 'home alone'. I've got the whole evening all by meself. I've had most of the day for myself too. Damn, it's been a good day!

My sister in law, Heidi, came down south to spend some vacation time at home. She brought her cute little red-striped kitten; Ginger, or Posi [poosy], as we call all the cats in the family regardless of name. Yesterday she called me and we went for a walk along the beaches. It did me loads of good. Heidi is a wonderful person and it's always great spending time with her.

Tomorrow we'll be taking part in our sister in law to-be; Charlotte's Bachelor(bachelorette?) party. We start 9:30 in the morning and keep it going until the next day. They've ordered her a plane ride early in the day (I've been a sneaky coward and will stay home while this little event takes place - there is no way they'll get me up in one of those small kamikaze planes!) Then we'll meet at the seaside restaurant downtown for a nice dinner, before we head out to a cabin out on an island in the archipelago outside Mandal. We'll be spending the rest of the evening out there at the island cabin. Those wishing to may spend the night and enjoy an early morning bath in the sea before breakfast. Sea temps today were 55 F -brrr-

There will be no vacation trips for Runar and I this summer. We had our hopes up that this year we'd manage at least a week abroad, but there's just not enough time, nor money. One of hubby's co-workers crashed his motorbike and smashed his ankle. He's had surgery done and is on long term sick-leave (they say he'll be fine when it heals). This means that the summer will be a true hell for Runar and the other guy who are left. It means that for 3 weeks each, they'll be alone doing the work of 3 persons. He is already worn out from all the craziness from this winter and spring - one co-worker suddenly quit - let's just say we're not looking forward to a peaceful summer this year.  The good thing about this crazy situation at his work, is that it gave Simen a part-time summer job. He'll be working 3 weeks and he'll be getting 20 $ an hour, which is quite a lot for a 15 years old inexperienced boy.

There are tons of things that needs doing here at home and up at the cabin, but I'm sure we'll have plenty of fun all the same. If only the weather would change and bring us some sun and warmth....

Since I'll be staying home around the house most of the summer, I used some of the money meant for vacation trips to buy some new summer flowers for my urns and terracotta in the patio and on the balcony. We bought some extra dirt to make a new flowerbed too. I'll get some pictures up when it's all finished and pretty.

I did some trimming of bushes and trees today. Laika has been lazying about the garden very pleased by the door being open wide all day. She loves being able to walk in and out of the house as she pleases, when she pleases. When I had cleared away all the cut branches and stuff, she walked over to one of the bushes cut away a lot of branches on. She sniffed it and then started pulling on a branch stub, lay down and started chewing on it. She obviously had some issues with my trimming skillz :P

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