Friday, July 8, 2011


The reply from the high school application for Simen got here today and he got his 1st choice - he'll be studying electrics and automation. W00t! That means two years of studies, then two years apprenticing and after he gets his certificate he can work offshore in the oil business, as is his dream, or a bunch of other places. Best news of the summer so far!

I've been working in the garden almost every day for a week now, whenever it has NOT been poring down and It's starting to look like a nice and proper garden. Yesterday Simen helped me digging and nailing up the little mini fence for my 'new' flowerbed. We filled it with dirt and I visited my parents in law and got a bunch of plants and flowers to fill it with *beams*

My roses in the flowerbed underneath the balcony finally sprouted. I have no idea why they were so late, but I thought perhaps it was because, although it's been raining quite a bit, it's also been windy - drying out the ground quickly, the roses being underneath the balcony didn't get enough moisture. So for the last week I've been watering the roses regardless of weather - ignoring neighbors snickers when I stood in the rain with the hose - and what do you know, it worked. I don't know if my theory was right or not and I don't care, I've got beautiful red roses in clusters and the huge peace roses with the white-yellow petals with a hint of pink at the end. AAAnd best of all, it appears my roses are healthy with no bugs or diseases. Huzzah!

As I told you, last Friday we got the boat on water. Turned out that Runar forgot to empty the cooler in the transmission box before the frost came and naturally it expanded and broke. They worked on it all last weekend and this week. He called all the boat mechanics he knows and got a bunch of advice and tips.

Conclusion - there is no point in fixing on the transmission cooling system of a 17 HP old motor. 
We'll be driving it without the cooler until it breaks and then we'll replace it with a new transmission.... They - the expert - THINK it'll run fine without it.

Runar, his father and Simen has had it out on the sea for some short test runs and it works fine. And I wouldn't be worried if we just planned on taking small trips in the archipelago stopping at small islands, but we're not. 

We're going to my sister's cabin for a summer party tomorrow. In order for both of us to be able to enjoy some wine for dinner and coffee avec, we want to take the boat. What worries me is that this is a trip that will take several hours with boat....what will that do for the cooling of the transmission box? Guess there is only one way to find out and we'll be finding it out tomorrow.

Good thing is that it looks like it'll be a rainy day, but not much wind. Bad thing is that IF the temps start rising and the transmission box goes to pieces, we're stuck somewhere out at sea...

First adventure of the summer is about to begin

Have a fantabulour weekend!

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