Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm taking the week off

Well, I guess I'm not taking it off as such, but I'm leaving for the cabin tomorrow and will spend the rest of the week up there. Things are taken care of here at home, the boys should be able to survive well enough.

Runar's got two weeks more of work, then he'll have a 3 weeks vacation. He needs a break so bad he's having  problems tuning out of his work-mode. When he gets to the point where he feels the need to tell me when to eat, what to eat, when to sit, when to work, who to talk to and what to say...yeah, I need to get away or I'll start yelling back...which will do none of us any good.

It'll be good to have a week up at the farm. My sister and niece and grand nephew will be there for a bit too - huzzah!

Next weekend is my dad's 80th bday and Simen's 16th bday. We'll be at my sister's cabin for my dad's party. Not sure where we'll be for Simen's on Sunday... either who I'm baking the traditional chocolate cake up at the farm and making everything ready. Whether it'll be up on the farm or here at home doesn't matter as I've done the tidying and cleaning etc today.  I'm prepared.

We've decided on giving Simen a new cellphone - all I know is that it has to have 'the necessary essentials'. Runar and Simen will be buying it this week.

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