Monday, July 18, 2011


Is getting a letter from the Social Sec Office saying they, in agreement with their advisory doctor have decided I qualify for full work disablement!

Now I just have to fill out the forms and officially apply for full disablement so they can do the official paperwork and work out how much I get paid per month and how much they owe me for the years I've been in their system.

Runar called me at the cabin late Wednesday evening saying there was a big letter from the SS Office and if he should open it and read it out loud over the phone. I heard him tear open the envelope, then he said: "You better sit down for this".  Pretending it was the worst news, ever.

I went to sleep still not quite believing it. All of Thursday I walked about, all by my lonesome, with this silly grin glued on my face saying stupid things to the dog like:  "Let the good times roll" etc.

The Weekend was busy with my dad's 80th bday and Simen's 16th bday. He is now old enough for driving practice and we've got the extra rear mirror and the big red "L"( for Learning) ready. He's already been out driving. 

We took the boat out for a ride yesterday evening after we had cleared away and tidied up after the bday party. It had been raining cats and dogs all day with strong wind - almost like a tropical storm, but it stopped and the sun came out making for a lovely evening.

Even though it was sunny and the wind had settled, it was clear that there had been some nasty weather out on the sea. Rolling waves at least 1.5 meters tall greeted us when we got out in the open sea. Coffee cups, thermos, keys and whatnot were thrown about in a complete mess.

I'm somewhat of a landlubber and I cannot for the life of me see the fun in struggling through waves where you fear the boat will capsize any second. Runar on the other hand being used to the sea and boats, had the time of his life watching me clinging on to my seat with everything I had.  He reassured me that we would keep on the lee side of islands and avoid the patches of open sea where the big waves came rolling in and that he would test the boat's abilities and how it handled rough seas when I was NOT in if.  He kept coming up with one lame excuse after the other and we basically ended up crossing the worst patch of rough sea back and forth until I was clinging on with nails and teeth! 

I did not panic. I did not yell. In my mind I killed him ten times over, but I gritted my teeth an kept my tongue. At the end when we turned and were coming back in to shore, we rode the waves making it feel like we were surfing. It was rather cool and it would perhaps have been quite fun, if I wasn't in a state of near panic...

When we finally got back up into the river and calm waters, Runar was wearing this huge boyish grin on his face proclaiming the boat was behaving much better than anticipated and that the same could be said about me :P

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  1. Prayer works! Last week, I had decided to pray earnestly for the end of your government troubles, and you posted this! I'm so glad you are doing well.

    I have been swimming several times per week with my new friend. It is going well.