Thursday, July 21, 2011


Yesterday I was dress shopping. For the wedding on Saturday. Procrastinating much?!?  I met hubby after work and off we went. I hate clothes shopping and especially shopping for a dress, even more so dress shopping with da hubby. It's more a race than anything else. Speed shopping. We had to hurry up so hubby could get to the boat part store before closing... I ended up with a dress that was a size too large and one I can't wear with a it has glittery stuff on it. beads and whatnot. I'll be going to this summer wedding as a christmas decoration. Good thing is that it was 70 % off. Also, I found this nice skirt and jacket/top in linen that I don't really need but bought anyhow. 70% off as well.

Today I'm walking to town - stupid bus not running during summer vacation - to buy a bday present for my niece who'll be 5 Sunday, then it's home to bake pizza for my daughter and her boyfriend who is coming home today. Then it is off to my mother in law to pick up a cake she baked for my dad's 80th bday (a little late which is my fault for not telling her in time) then off to my parents to give them the cake and to show them that Helene and Krister are in fact alive and well, even though they haven't been visiting since Easter. Then it's back home to check on everybody's suits/dresses so I get time to buy/fix them tomorrow if needed.

Friday it is buying cider and prepare whatever is needed to the welcoming drink table that Helene and I are responsible for.  + + +

Saturday: big wedding day
Sunday: bday party for Eva/saying good bye to Helene and Krister

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