Friday, July 22, 2011


Scary 1: My father was rushed to the hospital - heart attack - they believe it is a minor one and that there was no permanent injuries on his heart. He is relatively well off at the moment, but will be kept for further tests and for observation. Will get back to you when I know more.

Scary 2: Bombing in Oslo - Governement headquarter buildings. several deaths and injures - utter chaos.

Scary 3: Shooting at a youth summer camp where about 650 kids were gathered. Political gathering for the same party our Prime Minister belongs to. witness reports says a man dressed as a police officer showed up and asked people to come close to him, then he started shooting like a madman.

here is a link to BBC News update about it.


  1. I should have checked your blog first - I can't believe it.

    Keep us updated about your father.


  2. My father is now undergoing surgery to unblock clogged veins. I don't know more at the moment, but we are still positive it will go well

  3. Thanks, Lorin. Means a lot. I need hugs and good happy thoughts right now. Especially since it is hubby's youngest brother's wedding tomorrow and I have to be brave and put up a happy face so not to ruin their big day. I haven't told them about it yet...

  4. The bomb and shooting tragedy is affecting everybody and the entire country is in shock and mourning. More than 80 kids who were attending the labor party youth group's annual summer camp were shot down and killed, or drowned trying to escape the insane impostor. The man they have arrested is an ethnic Norwegian a right winged, conservative Christian who has never been arrested before.

    My thoughts go to all those who lost their loved ones.

    My father's operation went well. His heart beats are still irregular, but they believe this will stabilize and that he'll get well.