Sunday, July 24, 2011


It seems the heart attack was category medium strong. 2 veins going down the front wall of the heart was clogged, 1 95% and 1around 85. Due to the fact that they didn't treat him with the right procedure for heart attacks soon enough, there will be permanent damage to his heart.

He'll be getting medicines, some which might reverse some of the damage, and the operation did go well. We are hoping they have found all there is to find and that a more close examination and further tests will take place soon.

Dad himself is now able to sit and walk to the toilette. He is eating and is receiving visitors. My mother and 3 of my sisters plus one of my nephew have been to the hospital. They say he looks good under the circumstances and that is a good thing. We are positive.

I'll visit him tomorrow.

The wedding went well. Lovely ceremony and party. The bride was gorgeous looking in her dress and the groom was very handsome.

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  1. Scary, yes! It is good there is a bright side for your family. At first, I missed the previous post, and thought Runar had the heart attack! It's been that kind of week. :( Hope it gets a lot better for you!