Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Short trip down memorylane

Watching Simen this morning, filled to the brim with nervous energy at starting a new chapter of his life - High school -  brought me head first down the memory lane to when I had my first day of high school. I overslept and had to take the moped, take some crazy shortcuts to catch up with the school bus. Came to school without shower, no makeup and with helmet hair.

It seems half a life time ago and you know what? It IS half a life time ago :P Man, am I glad I don't have to re-live that stage of my life! Sure high school and all that jazz was fun, but all that angst and dying a million deaths over stupid little worries. No, thanks!

Taking the bus to my parents. I have to go to the 'city hall' to get the necessary papers we need to sell a little piece of land up at the mountain for a parking lot for some cottage owners up there.  It's cold. It's raining. Meaning I'll be wet AND cold -brr- will be fun to see my sister tho' I've finished her pair of wool socks that she ordered. Did I mention she has got a full time job? It's the same job she substituted for earlier - assisting young adult orphan refugees with various mental issues, functioning in everyday life. It's a temporarily 6 month job, but it is a great start and I'm sure something will show up or this job will be prolonged. Go her!!!

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