Friday, August 19, 2011


I've been watching Fringe and I love it. Dr Walter Bishop is my new mad scientist hero! The actor playing him - he played the completely mad Denethor in LOTR - does such a wonderful job in portraying him too.

I like the set up of the show, the plots, the actors, it's all good and kudos to JJ Abrams. Fox network and more specifically, those in charge of broadcasting episodes, on the other hand, ought to die from shame! They ought to be fed live mutant parasitic hookworms larvae and explode two weeks later! Yes, I'm talking about season two, episode 11.

I mean... Charlie not only alive, but alive and well? Charlie dies in season one, his corpse gets thrown in a friggin' oven (by his shapeshifter lookalike - who also dies) for crying out loud!

I don't care what excuse they use, you just don't mix up episodes like this. Charlie still alive, but not quite - fox tv messing up Unforgivable!

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  1. Disgusting that writers do that and that their keepers approved it! Arrgggh!

    I don't watch the show, because I don't watch anything... but that shows a lack of imagination, a lack of principle, and a lack of discipline.