Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fall is here

We're having proper autumn weather with gale winds and rain that falls sideways, the kind that no matter what you wear you get wet from head to toe. I like it. I don't particularly like working outdoor in this type of weather, but going for a walk dressed up in rain clothes and wellingtons is kind of neat too. Especially when you can sit down i front of a warm fireplace with a good book afterwards.

Things are still busy around here. I thought that as soon as hubby got back to work and Simen started school things would calm down, but nope. We've painted two coats of white on 3.5 sides of the house and the gotten the drip boards painted green. I have no idea whether or not we'll get dry enough weather to finish the job this side of winter....oh well.

My sister moved into this cute little house she's renting here in my town. We'll almost be neighbours. She's gotten a new() job. That is she got hired on a new project with the job she has had working with minor orphan refugees. She'll be in charge of the economy on this new project. It will make a lot of difference on her resume when she's applying for jobs in the future and also, if she does a good job, which I'm sure she will do, she'll stand a good chance of further projects with the refugee minors. I'm so proud of her. Believe me, it is not an easy job. Not everybody is mentally strong enough to deal with traumatized teenagers from parts of the world where a person's life isn't worth more than shit and kids' even less =(    Oooh, and best of all, she has finally ended things completely with that nut case drug addict boyfriend of hers. W00t!

My parents are hanging in there and trying to adapt to their new situation. 1) They're without a car - that is, they have a car, but dad can't drive due to poorly eyesight and won't get his license back until January at the earliest. 2) He is eating a truckload of meds every day. 3) My mother is getting weaker and more confused.
My two sisters and I help them out as much as we can, but we can't be there all the time. They are both taking up physical therapy though, which is a good thing and will hopefully help them regain some strength and stamina at least.

Got a letter from my insurance company. They are denying my claims for insurance on the whole. They claim I lied and tried to play them when I applied for the insurance. It hurts being accused of lying and scheming when I wasn't and especially when I sought their advice and was completely open with my existing health issues at the time. I mean, I understand if they judge me a bad case, insurance wise, I am. Still, why the hell did they accept my application in the first place and took my money for 6 friggin years, before deciding I am not up to par for their insurance?!?

I am not sure what I will do. I have a weak case, because the truth is that my health took a turn for the worse the fall after I got the insurance. Even though they were things completely different from the things I suffered from and told them about when I applied. I don't remember the name of the lady who assisted me and helped me fill in the forms when I handed in the application. I'm sure they know very well who assisted me, but they will under no circumstances let me know who that was, of course... I'm seeing my insurance guy tomorrow. I will at least demand that all the premium money I have paid for six years be returned to me if they are to annul it. 

Simen decided on making his room into a 'living room' and use the small extra room to sleep in. We've been clearing out, cleaning out and sorting all week. I've washed all the downstairs curtains. Go me! Funny how those things work. When you start clearing out of one room, you can't just clear it out and be done with it, at least I can't. No, no, no, I have to use the opportunity, giving it a thorough scrub down while at it....and it just escalates, I mean when you have done two rooms, might as well continue and take the other two rooms as well, and then there was the huge pile of clothes and table cloths that needed ironing....and so on.

Besides, I had a lot of frustration I needed to get out without letting it out on people around me.  Cleaning works perfect. I get to use some of that aggravated energy and I get to use it in a way that helps me in the long run. Also, I get to beat myself up - metaphorically speaking, because I hate cleaning and especially ironing which happened to take me a whole day of work to get through curtains and all. And literally speaking as I am a complete aching wreck for having worked myself too hard. So now I can feel sorry a little sorry for myself knowing that I didn't beat myself up wasting energy only on self pity. I got stuff done. So there!  ...Oh, who am I kidding?!? I have no idea why I play the martyr and do these silly  things. I'm sure there is a reason and that a psychologist would be all too happy taking my money while telling me all about it :P

What I do know, is that it'll do both Runar and me a lot of good, spending a few days up at the farm.
Runar has tomorrow and Friday off. We're heading for the cabin tonight. Simen has been 'rehearsing' waking up to the alarm clock without me for two days. He should be fine. He plans on having an all night nerdy game party with his friends this weekend.

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  1. Our sign of fall coming was the 10 degree dip to a high of 95F. After months of 100+, this feels cool!

    I'm sorry about the insurance. I'll pray that you get your money back. They probably spent a fortune looking for that reason not to pay. :(