Monday, August 29, 2011

The punishment does not fit the crime

I had too much wine at the summer party. It was fun while it lasted and I danced a lot, but hells bells! I was sick as a dog yesterday and I'm still a bundle of nerves. Seriously contemplating hibernation for a few months...

On a happier note; Runar got a substancial advancement of his inheritance and all debts(apart from mortgage which is up to date already) and bills are paid. Huzzah!

Runar called Helene and had a nice chat with her, telling her he was happy and proud of her grown up decision about working instead of continuing her studies when unmotivated. Go, go Dad-man!

Oh, and it went well at the doctor. Got a  whole storage of meds, which is nice as it means I don't have to go see her that often and it saves me a lot of money. Got a copy of the letter she wrote the health and social authorities, which will make my job of filling out the form a lot easier. I need to see my caseworker this week and hand in the form, whether I want to or not, though, so I guess that plan about going into hibernation has to wait a bit more...



  2. Dear scheming Pirate, by substantial inheritance - read: POCKET-MONEY. We're talking about coins, nothing more *eyes*