Monday, November 28, 2011

Baking cookies

Today my sister and I will be baking Christmas cookies. Only easy ones [read quickly and easily made] We've done this before and we're a good team. Half of them will be for my parents - as has become the tradition....I'm not sure how that arrangement came about, but it's been the custom for years, now.

I'm not quite done with the Christmas cleaning. I've finished washing windows and all the doors. I've done the walls and ceiling, etc in the bathrooms, hallways and the kitchen. I've got the living room and the master bedroom left. I've also left to clean out all of the cupboards in the Kitchen. I'll be doing the living room tomorrow. Simen has done his room himself and hubby will have to do the ceiling. I can't get my right arm up above my shoulder anymore - dratted fibro! <.<; He knows this and agrees to help me, but he maintains the right to not like doing it. Noticeably. Loudly. And demonstratively.

Also, because there's been so much crazy stuff happening at hubby's work place and because he's been working almost around the clock, he's getting 3 days off this week. Ka-ching! Happy cabin-time!

We had Berit, the Atlantic storm, visiting this weekend. Poweroutages happened all over the coutnry on and off for most of the weekend. There is something otherwordly when the winds howl around corners and threaten to rip off roofs and uproot trees. We had to keep the doors locked, or they'd be opened by the wind and blown off the hinges. It's happened before and since it was also raining sideways, we didn't feel like taking the risk of having to struggle in the freezing rain, getting hinges repaired and the door back on...

On our way home we drove out to the sea. The sight of a storming ocean is spectacular and the roar of the battling waves, deafening. The storm didn't hit my parts of the country too bad. They got it worst on the west coast and along the coast up in the north. Huge mud-slides took out roads. There were several floods and several communities were completely isolated while it lasted. Linky to some stormy pictures

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