Friday, November 25, 2011

This is for Scott

This is because I am no good at embedding stuff or copying links on blogger. I try and try, but every time all I get is EPIC FAIL.

I totally blame it on Christmas cleaning. My brain starts bleeding and craziness just pours out...

PS! Scott, I uploaded it to my photobucket. If you are able, feel free to edit and embed it in the comments on your blog as it was meant to be in the first place. Comic for Scott


  1. Haha...YAY!!

    I love having a Magnificent Imp on my side!!

    Thank you. ;)

  2. =) Glad you liked it. An Imp isn't necessarily all bad news...or as the saying goes; Nothing is so bad it isn't good for something ;)

    It's probably the first AND last comic strip I'll ever make. Freehand with a pc-mouce in Paint isn't all that fun.

    ...apparently I don't spot typos very well at 6:30 am, either