Friday, November 4, 2011

Thank goodness it's Friday!

I ran out of spoons before the week started, but kept on pushing because I just don't ever learn. The Fibro beast roared up and by Wednesday my fever dreams were so insane I was afraid to even close my eyes. My dream self has fought bank rubbers, rapists and mythological monsters. I've ridden bicycles in snow storms and I've driven tanks (that was rather fun btw). I had the most sensible conversation of my life - with a dog! And I gave birth to the son of god and the devil. His name was Equality... I know, WTH right?!? My mind is such a scary place sometimes.

We never did go fishing as my sister refused due to bad weather and instead invited herself to dinner. Naturally I made her walk the dog with me, go grocery shopping with me and carry the bags home in addition to helping me make dinner. She is head over heals in love and obnoxiously happy, it's impossible not to bully her! I am happy for her, really, I am. ...just that her nervous energy drives me up the walls. I got a case of bad conscience and agreed to taking a long walk along the beaches with her Wednesday morning. Too long it appears, as Laika has given me the evil eye since and I didn't dare take her for a walk at all yesterday.

Things at hubby's work are now beyond crazy with people getting sick due to the stress, etc. Oddly enough, hubby seems to thrive under such conditions. His male ego grows out of all proportions and he becomes loud and manly and generally annoys the hell out of me! Of course, it may be he is just his usual ole self and I'm just imagining him being worse than usual because I am sleep depraved. achy and in a murderous mood. Especially considering his subdued comment yesterday evening: "I think perhaps I should just quietly get up and go watch TV in the bedroom..."

Those pesky cottage neighbors called and it got pretty ugly. My diplomacy skills were nonexistent. All the same, I think we kind of came to some sort of agreement by the end of it. Turns out that what they really want is simply legal access to the dirt road already there. Why they felt the need to give us that letter claiming they not only had the right to a a 4 meter wide road, but also the rights to go hunting and fishing,  and collect fire wood, I am still in the dark about... Anywho I agreed to giving them legalized access to the road - only that and nothing else and asked them to send us the necessary documents. A huge envelope with forms and letters, a return envelope with postage stamps already on it and - I kid you not - A BOTTLE OF CORRECTING FLUID came in the mail today. Good Grief I must have been a real bitch on the phone....I'll be scrutinizing the content more closely during the weekend.

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