Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Perfect weather for

...fishing! It's raining, it's foggy, but temps aren't too bad - 52 F. Time to take the dog and my sister down to the sea and see if we can get some Pollock for my fish au gratin recipe. Who knows, we may get Cod or Pollack too =)

I took some pictures of the results from yesterday's candle light session, but the cord to upload photos to the computer has gone missing. I blame the house Imp! I do believe I created the ugliest brown in the universe. I was trying for orange *sigh* Picture proof is coming one of these days...

Also, I know Halloween is now officially over and I need to change the background. I stink toefarts at this and I ask your forgiveness in advance for a messed up layout until I find one I can live with

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