Friday, December 9, 2011


I just read my previous post.

If you think it was painful reading, imagine reading it and realizing that you yourself wrote it... I need a cat like this

On a different note, the weathergods have gone bananas. They apparently can't decide on what to send us, so they just gave us everything. At once. It's bleeding ridiculous! We're having freezing temps, rain, snow, sleet, hail and hurricane winds  at the same time, resulting in the rain/sleet/hail freezes the second it hits the ground. Black ice hell! One of the local rescue-car companies said they were so busy people had to wait more than 4 hours before getting help. Even two school buses ended up in the ditch, but luckily nobody were injured.

Yesterday when I walked to the store - I didn't dare take the car -  I had my very own comedy-drama-on-ice experience. I took the dog with me. Seeing as she has claws I figured she would be safe enough on the ice. I was wrong. I wore those spike-thingies that you can put on your shoes to avoid slipping - the kind old people wear to avoid falling - so I was quite safe. When we started on the last little steep hill down to the store, she started sliding and my ingenious dog thought it smart to sit down.

Of course, she started sliding faster. What did the superdog do then? Oh, she went for laying down flat. Did it help? No. Gravity set in and as her butt is heavier than her head, she slowly swiveled around, sliding down the rest of the hill backwards. She quite clearly found it more humiliating than scary, because she gave me the: "This is all your fault!" glare all the way down, until she came to a stop. I wish I had videoed it, but I guess she was embarrassed enough as it was. Besides, I was busy trying to follow after her fast enough not to choke her with the leash without falling on my own butt.

She was so embarrassed, she practiced the "I'm invisible, you can't see me." act all the time I was in the store, instead of the usual getting impatient and start barking just when I reach the checkout counter, leading to me blushing while profusely  apologizing to everyone, and the checkout lady feeling embarrassed on my behalf and trying so bad to hurry up, she uses twice the amount of time as usual to finish.

Laika got an extra treat when we got home. She forgave me. I'm not taking her out for a slide today.

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