Thursday, December 22, 2011

Neighbours - we need a new sign

Our  neighbours hates our guts. They think Georg is a drooling monster waiting behind our fence for a chance to jump out and eat their babies. Georg would never eat their children. Unless they dipped them in beef stock, of course. Most parents don't do that, so I don't really think there is any danger of babies getting eaten any day soon.

Neighour 1: Wide-eyed pointing - "What is that?!?"

Neighbour 2: Shocked staring silence

Me: "Oh, meet Georg, our new puppy.

Neighbour 1: "Puppy? Try drooling baby-eating MONSTER!"

Neighbour 2: Shocked staring silence

Me: "Oh, he's a gentle giant. Babies aren't on his menu. Yet."

Neighbour 1: "You guys have finally and totally lost it!"

Neighbour 2: Stuttering "How much baby does he eat?"

Me: Getting slightly annoyed on Georg's behalf, deciding this is getting ridiculous. "Oh, just a couple a day if they're small. He can go two days on a big one..."

Neighbour 1 and 2: Shocked staring silence

I need a sign. In big friendly letters.

Don't dip your kids in beef stock before going out

PS! We don't let our dogs out un-supervised and we don't let them outside our property without a leash.

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