Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Puppy Update - Vet

Poor little baby. We were at the Vet today, Georg wasn't happy. Laika and our former dog, Doris, both loved going to the Vet. They viewed it as a place where dog-candy grew out of thin air and a place where they would get cuddle-hugs and praise. Georg seems to think it is a place where scary people do painful things to you.

His former owner seemed rather unsure as what to do, that immediately transferred to Georg who got even more reluctant to do anything but lying down, pretending to be dead. When I took the leash, things went a little better, as so far as him standing up and coming along when I called, but he was scared and I had to hold him down and talk comfortingly to him until he fell asleep from the anesthesia.

We got him weighed and measured and his temp was taken and he was given a shot of general anaesthesia for a thorough X-Ray and went to sleep. They will be taking X-Rays of his bad foot/leg, his hips, etc

His former owner will pick him up when they are done with him and bring him back here. I don't know when the results will be in - probably after New Year sometime. I'm glad we get to spend Christmas with him at regardless whether or not we're to keep him permanently.

At least he's gotten in a whole lot better shape while he's been with us. The Vet and her assistant praised his recovery, which is good. No fever anymore, no eczema with infection anymore, no stiffness and soreness all over apart from in his one bad leg. All considered, things are looking good.

He's been gone 3 hours and I miss him terribly already.

Georg, come home!