Sunday, December 11, 2011

Puppy in da house

Yup. After 3 minutes I was completely in love with the little() bugger. As the girl watching him was going on a vacation to Asia tomorrow and the owner isn't due home for another week, we decided we might as well take him with us and see how things go.

I mentioned he had an infection, well, turns out he not only had an infection, he had Lymes and it apparently affects his joints. The poor fellow suffers from rheumatism and is in rather poor shape as he's still on meds.

I'm half zombie from lack of sleep, but I got him to eat all his meds(he has a truckload of them) and his puppy breakfast - which apparently isn't always so easy according to the dog-sitter girl. I'm guessing he's suffering from lack of sleep himself and forgot how to deny being hungry?

He didn't sleep well his first night in a strange home. He finally tuned out for real at about 4:30 am. Holy smokes but that dog can snore!!! and slept until 9:30 - at least I didn't wake up earlier and I slept on the couch in the living room with the dogs.

Laika shows no aggression towards the huge new sloppy baby, but she doesn't show any particular excess of love either. There is mild jealousy as expected, but nothing too bad. Time will show if she starts behaving like an adolescent and misbehaves just to ensure our attention. 

Cross your fingers things will continue going as smoothly as they seemingly do. Suddenly moving in with a new and unknown family is traumatizing for a fit and healthy pup, I imagine doing it when you're under the weather and hurting, must be terrifying. Poor little(!) baby. He's about 80 kg - he won't be fully grown and adult in another two years...

The owner called him 'Happy'. Lame or what?!?  Hubby wanted to rename him 'Brute' and my son wanted to call him 'Tiny' (in Norwish) I suggested we call him 'George'. What can I say, he looks like a 'George'. 'George is a good name. After some pondering the boys agreed. He's a George.