Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Puppy Update

Georg is settling in well enough. He appears to be a big 'mama's boy', which is adorable. He stinks something awful, but we will just have to do our best to ignore that until he's well enough and settled enough for a bath.

The dog-sitter girl said that the Vet thought the Lyme disease affected his joints and that it would 'wander' through his body. It looks like he's right. Georg is still careful with his left front foot, but he also seems to be stiff and sore in his one hip/back leg.

I'm expecting a phone from his former owner today or tomorrow. I would like for the two of us to go to the Vet and get another check.
  • 1) I would like to hear the Vet's prognosis first hand. 
  • 2) I would like to hear his thoughts on Georg's recovery and what chances he has to become quite well again. 
  • 3) I would like to know his 'Vet-history' as they're using a different Vet from the one we use. 
  • 4) He's almost out of painkillers, I've been reducing the dosage and he's down to half a pill twice a day. I need to know if he needs more or what....
He has a healthy appetite and eats everything I serve him. As he's still a pup, he gets fed twice a day. He's been 'doing his business' regularly and daily.

He is truly a gentle giant. Very careful not to topple things over, or bumping into tables and such. My love for him grows by each day we've had him =)

He is playful and loves to play-fight. By that I mean rough cuddling and no growling or dominance acts. I haven't dared take him on any walks yet, as he is limping so much as he does. Instead I've let him run loose in the garden and played with him there several times a day.

He loves to sleep on the veranda, but I haven't let him take long naps out there as I'm worried the cold and rain will worsen his achy joints, etc.

I feel there is a lot I don't know about what he likes and doesn't like, his habits and what toys he prefers. I've let him play with his blankie. He's ripped it some, but it keeps him happy and moving about and ensures he doesn't get bored or stiff and sore.  I'm looking forward to meeting the former owner and clear these things up.

Here's a couple more pictures of him

Playing with his blankie

Hai, me Georg!


  1. AAAAAH! jeg gleder meg som en unge til å komme hjem å møte beistet! :D kjempegøy!!!

  2. =D ikke like mye som jeg gleder meg til å se deg *tyne-klem*

  3. :D*tyneklemmer tilbake*
    weeeeell..... meh, er lei av å skrive helene eller de andre versjonene:P så da blir det litt sånn :P