Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Spit and spew

This week is starting out rather lousy. We haven't met the St Bernard yet. He's got some skin issues and apparently he had a rash that turned to a sore that got infected. He's presently on antibiotics. Poor thing, I hope he gets well again soon. I didn't want to work him up unnecessarily, so I just told them to give me a call when he's well again. 

Also the social security and health authorities have given me 'the verdict' I've been granted disablement payment and an extra amount for children under the age of 18. This extra amount, however will not be paid to me, the letter said, because hubby's income is too high. (How odd is that?!? I'm granted something but I'm not getting it? Why the hell grant me the extra child support amount in the first place if our joint income is too high?!?. Stupid, much?)

For reasons I don't know they have seemingly picked a semi random yearly amount I'm to be paid. 246,000 NOK (45,810 $) They claim it's based on my yearly income the 3 last years I worked full time. The amounts are 247,653(43097$), 235,688(41,015), 216,400(37,659). So you see, it's not even the average. It's supposed to be based on either the year with highest income or the average of the 3 years, whichever is the highest amount. How they came up with the 246' I have no idea.

Earlier this fall I got a letter from them stating that my yearly payment was 326,647 (56,844), which is based on my last year's income added the % increase per year according to index regulation. I was to continue getting this until my case was officially decided upon.

They have obviously seen it fit to reduce my yearly income with more than 14,000 $. WTF?!? I'm taking both letters down to the office tomorrow asking them to please explain to me how they came up with that amount and why they reduced it at all...I am so sick and tired of this shite

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  1. *hugs* I'm sorry, I hope it works out :-( Let us know how it goes.