Friday, January 27, 2012

Blizzard, fish au gratin and puppy training

First proper blizzard of the year. I love it! Runar didn't love it quite as much early this morning driving to work before the plow trucks had cleared the main road. Good thing he's an experienced driver and old enough to know that you just have to take it slow and easy on such days. He called when he got to work, telling me he had gotten to work in one piece, because he knows I'll be worried sick about him if he doesn't. Is it any wonder I love this man? It was chaos on the roads, alright. Part of the main road closed off. Semi trucks without chains blocking the lanes, etc. This happens every year when the first proper snowfall comes. People go nuts. I get that foreigners aren't used to winter climate and get in trouble in this weather, but the rest of us? How can people forget about winter and slippery roads when living in Norway?!? Amazing! He'll be working overtime today, no doubt about that!

The day before yesterday I made the perfect fish au gratin. Best part, the boys loved it! Simen even ate the leftovers the next day – which, you know, you don’t get better proof than that.  Why was it perfect? I’m not sure, as I didn’t use any premium quality fish. Either way, I choose to give the honor to my kid sister, who whipped the egg whites and thus made the dish perfect.  

I know it seems silly to go all overboard for a stupid au gratin, but it’s always bothered me that the boys won’t eat fish.  I’m of the opinion that fish is good for you and should be on the dinner menu regularly. Helene and I love fish and we’ll even make grilled salmon filets when we’re alone, having an all girlie night dinner. 

The boys? Not so much. The only fish dish they have eaten without complaining loudly has been freshly fished mountain trout, but you only get that during summer. They’ve eaten fish au gratin, but it’s sort of a forced kind of effort for them. Now I think I finally found the recipe that will make them want to eat fish more often. Huzzah! 

Yesterday my brother in law dropped by, looking bedraggled and completely warn out.  Puppy training takes its toll :P He was desperate and didn’t know what to do. I think he regretted ever getting a puppy. He’s been bringing the pup with him to work, because he made a deal with the owner allowing him to keep her in the upstairs office. Vera taught herself how to walk down stairs. Not only did she jump on customers, but she also figured out how the doors to the street opens…yeah he had to leave early and he got today off as well, explaining he needed to train Vera some manners. :P  

Vera is a feisty, smart and clever puppy. My kind of dog.  This morning I helped show him some puppy training tips – the kind that function both as fun games for the pup as well as obedience training. It’ll create a bond btw dog and owner and  it’ll wear the pup out mentally, which is important with smart dogs. All the walks in the world won’t do you any good, if the pup is still full of curious feistiness when you get back home. I showed one trick once. That was enough for Vera to get it and for Thomas to know how and what to do. I watched them go at it and it was such a joy.  There is clearly a loving bond between them already. I believe they'll be fine. =)


  1. You sound well! It would be great to see snow, but I doubt I could live with it. Even our whimpy winter weather is making me dream of amputation and motorized wheel chairs. After 10 or 15 minutes of silly exercises, I loosen up enough to walk without acute pain. I have been blaming the cold, because in summer it leaves.

  2. Aye, I hear yah regarding the pain. The cold affects my joints and muscles too and I am stiff and sore most of the time, but I don't have a knee injury like you. I'm sorry it gives you so much trouble =(

    I have to work at not getting depressed, and some days it's really hard to do, but thankfully my pitch black mood doesn't last long if I have stuff to keep me busy. The dogs and my family help with that ;-) I don't notice the ache so much when I'm physically active. the ache comes when I'm relaxing. Sleep is a challenge.