Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Georg, the boys, Vera. ...and Georg snoring. Enjoy

Georg has suceeded in charming his way into the hearts of both hubby and Simen. Georg now spends much of the day in the hall, waiting by the door for his buddies to get home. That's when the fun begins! The boys are good for more than wrestling and games, they're perfect for sleeping on.

 And a couple of Vera when she dropped by to say 'Hi' She immediately claimed the biggest chewing bone. She's a character, alright.
Hang on, I gotz it, I gotz it

The giant bone is all mine!

And just because I love his snoring. It's freakin AMAZING!


  1. Ahahahahaha! nydelig!

  2. @Countess You'll what my dog? Kill it? hehehe sorry, I just couldn't resist :P but I know we totally love him too =D

    Isn't he just gorgeous?!?

  3. ...there's supposed to b a comma in there. My fibro hates grammar. And spelling.

  4. whoa! what the poop!?!? That is weird - my phone does weird stuff, but that is really really weird! Anyways, yes, I love your doggie!

  5. Choose your own adventure with Countess!

    If you "heart" Cara's dog, turn to 873.

    If you "loathe" Cara's dog, turn to 132.

    If you "wanna secks" Cara's dog, close the book and go see a specialist.

  6. Hahaha Oh, John, you crazy Welshman, I love you!

    You made me choke on my coffee. Seriously. Georg got all worried and tried to help me by nosing me, which just made me choke and laugh all the harder.