Monday, February 13, 2012

Barf Festival

Saturday afternoon, hubby took Georg for a walk along the beaches. Georg not only bathed in the winter cold sea, he drank it. Liters of it. This morning he barfed all over himself, the hallway floor, parts of the wall and a door. Without my knowledge. Apparently he tried to eat up the evidence. Obviously he failed. Naturally he decided to hide the evidence by rolling in it, pretending to play Barf Festival. Craptastic!

Also one of the windshield wipers just up and died on us on the automatic. One of the back tires blew up on the stick shift car, which also happen to be the only car with studded winter tires. Temps suddenly decided to rise above freezing, giving us a bit of sleet and rain on Saturday. Yesterday, the weather gods discovered this mistake and temps quickly dropped below freezing again. We no longer have snow. We have various types of ice.

Dear Mr Murphy. Go home!

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