Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hubby took me completely by surprise today

It's Mother's day tomorrow, up here. Runar took Georg and told me he was heading for the farm and that he'll be gone all day, so that I'd have some time to myself and would be able to relax when my niece, Trine, visits with her 1.5 yrs old son, Jarand.
 Georg is a gentle giant without so much as a single aggressive cell in his body, but he IS a pup and he doesn't quite realize that his paws feels like a knockout hit when he - in his mind - discretely paws you for attention.  I was very pleased and surprised that he thought of it.

About 20 minutes after he had left he came back with this cute little chocolate cake and a huge bouquet of flowers, gave me a quick kiss, told me "Happy Mother's Day" and ran off again.

I'm not his mother and he shouldn't have given ME this, but I don't really care. My heart is flowing over in giddy happiness. This is the man that forgot our wedding anniversary 15 times out of 21. Suddenly, out of the blue, he does this.  He'll be able to get away with murder now. =D

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