Thursday, February 9, 2012

Zombies; state of mind, art and the apocalypse. Makes sense? Don't worry, it'll make less sense after reading this.

I'm working on a new embroidery these days.
White background, what is black on this picture is black, the gray-ish is brown. 

I kinda feel a bit zombie-like. No reason, really, I'm just in a zombie state of mind. What better cure for that than turning a black zombie mood into wacky zombie art?!?  Runar doesn't quite agree, but he wouldn't believe in zombies if one ate his right arm off, anyhow. So pfft, his opinion doesn't really count when it comes to these things. Which I told him, but then felt a bit bad about, so I asked him for help in gluing the 4 sheets of paper with the pattern he printed out for me at his work, together for me so that I don't accidentally sew parts of the pattern twice, because the print-version of the pattern that's on 4 pages, has overlapping edges. And we both felt better and useful and loved.

I'm still doing it...freehand(?) not sure what it's called, but I just sew and count, I don't draw any patterns on the fabric I'm embroidering on. I got a link from Sue - thank you friend - which had beginner's tutoring and explanatory info and I learned that the thread used for embroidering is called floss and that you're supposed to separate the strands, only using two or three strands of thread when you sew.
Explains why the previous embroidery I did of the nekkid fat-bottomed lady was so awkward to work with...  I also made Runar help me check that I had converted from inches to cm correctly so that 'my middle' and my starting point actually was the correct and actual middle.

Simen showed interest in my work, which is rather odd as he's a 16yrs old homophobic I-DON'T-DO-GIRLIE-STUFF kind of guy. Alas, this is probably and most likely due to the motif and not his mother's craftsmanship :P

Runar has been bragging that when he walks Georg in the evening he doesn't use the leash and that he's been working on commados like 'come', 'sit' and 'whatever-English-phrase-you-use-for-walking-close-to-your-side'. So, yesterday I decided to tag along and see for myself, and he's actually doing a great job. I mean, to keep it real, the pup still only has room for 1 thought at a time in his head. If he's sniffing something interesting, like horse poop, he is blind and deaf to everything else, but hey, that also means that whatever else is going on around him he's completely ignorant of it and thus it doesn't really matter.

Unless a meteor was coming down on top of us, in which case it wouldn't really matter either way. We'd all be doomed, or turn into zombies. Another good reason for doing a zombie warning sign. which reminds me, I should stop typing and just go back to sewing before I contaminate the lot of you and you'll end up in the same zombie state of mind and start doing wacky zombie art and we'll start a zombie group, that would spread, as zombies are very contagious, which we all know, and before we know it, the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE would have happened and...right. ~poof~


  1. Heel is the term for 'whatever-English-phrase-you-use-for-walking-close-to-your-side'. At least in American English.

  2. Ahh, yeah, that's it. Heel. Thanks =)