Friday, March 23, 2012

The craziness must go on?

Not sure exactly where to begin, or how much to tell. Things have been crazy...I sometimes wonder if I just need to accept that crazy is the normal for us. Whenever I think things will slow down, something or someone goes bananas.

 The dead Volvo was valued to NOK 38 000, which isn't bad, but for some reason the insurance company is not getting their act together finishing the case. Hubby called them, lost his temper, so who knows when or even if we'll ever see that money.

We need to get a new car. Hubby has suddenly become obsessed with luxury and wants a big luxury model Merc or BMW - used, of course, but seeing what you get for the money we have(or likely will have) means a really old car that will likely have a lot of issues with engine, worn parts, corrosion, etc. I am keen on getting a 4wheel drive car with room for big dogs in the back. He sort of agreed and started searching for all these types of Range Rovers, Ssangyoungs, and also Volvos, Mercs and BMWs with 4wheel drive with a lot of enthusiasm, but the other day he suddenly decided that we couldn't get any new car, because I'm not being what, or doing what he expects of, yeah, that's where things stand at the moment.

He's still dealing with the effects from the car crash. He says he gets dizzy if he turns his head too quickly, his chest area is very sore and his ankle/foot is still painful if he uses it too much. This naturally makes him moody, grumpy and short tempered, which is understandable and I've done my best to not rub against him the wrong way, being understanding and listening to him going on - apparently I'm not doing a good enough job.

Things are happening at his work. His department manager resigned the other week and one of his coworkers, a lady in her late 50s is applying for the job, but on the condition that she gets hubby as manager for the general cargo office, as that is an area she knows nothing about and hubby knows it well. They'll be a management team, which they both think will work.  If it happens, it could mean the job as a dept manager is his in about 5 years. Hubby wants this job and this opportunity, and that is one of the reasons he's stressed out and grumpy.  Cross your fingers.

One of our toilettes are broken. According to hubby it is an easy job to fix, but he just can't be bothered with it right now(it's been broken a month now) Our water heater is semi-broken. The hot water only comes every once in a while, the other times, we have to turn the water on and off until there - apparently at random - is hot water coming out of the tap/shower. Another job hubby swears is easy enough to fix, but can't be bothered with(for a month and a half now) Annoying much?!?

I think perhaps some of the reason for his grumpiness is the fact that we still haven't been able to beat the smoking. I've got no excuses, I just pathetically fail in that area. Hubby hasn't managed to quit either. He still firmly blames me and thinks I have to quit first, before he does. He stresses the importance of it by reminding me of who earns the money in this house and that if he dies of smoke related illnesses or any illnesses that isn't a car crash, I'll go bankrupt and end up having to sell both the house and the farm, and that I'm basically murdering him, he no longer has any respect for me and thinks he might leave, etc and so on. It is all mostly true, and I assume he's trying to encourage me to quit, it just isn't working and I feel it's getting rather ugly. 

My daughter's bf broke up with her this week, which was really sad, but who knows, it may be for the best in the long run. He is living with his mom now, but agreed to pay half the rent until she found a new place. She can't afford to remain in the flat they rented together. I must say that I am really proud of how she handles it. She's struggling a lot with her depression and anxiety and lack of sleep, but she still manages to take action and do what is needed. She's already applying for smaller flats and we're crossing fingers she gets the room with this young family with kids and two cats, so cross your fingers for this as well. She's definitely my hero these days. The meds for depression and her sleeping pills wreak havoc with her hormones and she has flushes and acne outbreaks, she's unable to sleep even with the sleeping meds, so this obviously needs to either be switched or the dosage must be increased. She suffers badly from self loathing, feeling guilty for this and that, but all the same, she gets up and goes to work, she pays her bills, she keeps on going on. I take my hat off for this wonderful young lady! I just wished she'd see how wonderful she really is, herself...

aaah, buggeritall! This ended up a whining rant, I'm sorry. I'll stop now. To end it on a happier note, I worked in the garden all of last week and it is now cleared and ready for spring and summer. Huzzah!

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