Monday, March 12, 2012

Looong week

Well, my computer is still infested with that virus. It's a nasty one and none of the updated anti virus software, or malaware programs my brother in law tried worked. It'll have to be reformatted and/recovery disc fixed. I'm just glad I have the opportunity of his assistance in these matters, as I was completely clueless of what to do.

Hubby is back at work today. JUBILATIONS!!! He had a pretty bad concussion and was bruised all over from the car crash. Apparently two of the women in the other car, got some fractures, but nothing too serious. Hubby's one foot/ankle is still giving him trouble, but he is too restless to sit at home for another week. His boss handed in his resignation last week and things are happening that he doesn't want to miss out on.

Even though he ought to have stayed home for a few more days, I  have to admit I'm relieved to be back to the routine of normal everyday life. I love da hubby, but I'm just a mere mortal. I'm afraid I'd have tried to strangle the man if I had to spend another week with him at home. He's never been very good at helping around the house and he rarely tidies up after himself, but when he is legitimately 'ill' oy vey! The expression; 'Hotel guest with privileges' doesn't quite cover it... I know I probably shouldn't get so riled up about it, but a 40 something going on 16(going on 16?!? who am I kidding, say 12! Simen is 16 and he's a whole century ahead of his dad...) gets the worst out in me fer sure!

We finally got around to giving Georg a good shower and scrub yesterday. It's a tough job, as there is a lot of dog and fur and he was grimy-dirty as hell! He'd been in numerous bog holes and rolled around in the sand at the beach.  He's at his worst regarding the shedding of his winter coat. Nothing helps. I brush him down several times a day and it amounts to nothing...or at least it seems like nothing. It's unbelievable how much fur and underfur that dog is able to produce! The other day I went a little nuts(I admit, the fur and the drool gets to me every now and then) and I used the vacuum cleaner on the poor thing. As with most other things I do, he accepted it willingly enough and just stood still looking miserable until I was done:P Golly, I love that dog!

Runar finally got a nail clipper (claw-clipper?) for extra large breeds the other week, but it's a very VERY slow process, getting his claws clipped. He is terrified of it. Turns out he got one claw clipped too far in and it hurt him at his previous home. I can't really force him, I mean, I know Kristian said he had to just lie on top of him to get it done, but he's more than 10 kg heavier than me, I don't stand a chance.... So, we do it by mutual agreements of sorts. I don't force him and he has to give me his paws for one claw at a time to be clipped...per day. I've managed 3 one day, but 1 claw per day seems to be the average for this type of grooming. Oh, well, in time I'm sure he'll relax a bit more. Things take time with Georg, it's just how it is. He's as gentle as the day is long, but holy smokes! his head is full of wool. Say one thing about  Georg the St Bernard, say he isn't a quick thinker!

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