Sunday, March 4, 2012

Thank you, safety belt!

Hubby was at a seminar and stayed the night in a hotel, this morning I got a phone call from a somewhat odd sounding hubby

"I've been in a head on collusion, bad one, the car is dead, but I'm alive. Got to hang up, don't worry about me."

and he hung up.

I think I stopped breathing for a bit. After about 5 minutes he called again from the ambulance. He was relatively unharmed, he thought, but he was on his way to the hospital or a thorough check and X-rays.

He's home again now. Badly beaten up, but no permanent injuries. He's alive thanks to the safety belt (the air bag in the steering wheel did not open, but the air bag on the passenger seat side, where nobody sat, did)

A car from the opposite direction lost control of his car and hit our Volvo at an approximately  45 degree angle. As you can see from the pictures the margins for having hit him directly in the door aren't big. He is very lucky to be alive. He remembers seeing the car and just steered the car into the rail, hit the breaks and let go of the steering wheel and thought, oh, well, I'm dead! He couldn't do a thing to prevent the car from hitting him.

Here's some photos of the car:

There were 4 adults in the other car, nobody got serious injuries.


  1. I'm glad he is OK! You have been on my mind, so by extension your family has been in my prayers, too. Thank-you for keeping us informed.

  2. Oh my goodness... that is terrible! Glad he's okay though.

  3. Yes, it was a scary experience. I'm very relieved we have a big, heavy and relative safe volvo...or had, the car is beyond the point of any repairs, not that it matters, a car is a car - just a thing.