Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Theater and lunch

Yesterday my mom treated 3 of us daughters to a day with theater - West Side Story - and a lunch/dinner. It was such a great day. My two oldest sisters, mom and I. My kid sister was supposed to come too, but she was feeling a little under the weather and decided to stay home as she had a job interview today she did not want to miss out on, which was sad, but understandable. It was our first time in the newly built Theater. My mom was so happy with the theater, the show, the lunch, the day and everything. While we were driving home, she told us she'll live a long time on this.

It was so fun and the weather was amazing too. we had 21 degrees Celsius which is a new all time high for temps in my region this early in the year. 21+ C is summer temps up here. Today is cloudy windy and temps around 12+ which is what we normally call high temps for March.

When we got home, Thomas came over with Vera; The Golden Retriever pup and we let the dogs go wild in the garden. They are so good friends, even the saddest person can't help but break out in a big smile watching them play. They run around like crazy, play fighting, then they suddenly plop down next to each other for a little breather, before going at it again. One of these days I'll remember to catch them on film, promise!

Helene has been very active in looking for an appropriate new place to rent and she has an interview with two girls today who needed one more room-mate. When she called, they immediately wanted her to come see the flat and themselves, as they felt Helene was the perfect room-mate for them. It's in the downtown area and it's cheap. It's not a big flat, they share living room, kitchen and bathroom, but they have their own bedroom. Also, one of the girls studies for her masters while working on the side and the other is a cook's apprentice, which means they have little time for wild partying, so we're crossing fingers it'll work out.

Otherwise things are fairly good and my days are busy. Don't leave me with much online time, but it keeps me busy which is a good thing all considered. Next week is Easter break. Helene is coming home and so is  a lot of her cousins. We're planning on getting the whole gang together up at the farm if the weather holds up for our traditional Easter celebration with bonfire, hotdogs, stick bread, eggs boiled with onion peal and juniper berries to color the eggs naturally and a lot of outdoor funness =)

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