Saturday, April 21, 2012

Found it

The camera, that is. As promised. Without further ado. Enjoy

My sisters Turid(middle), Hildegunn (right) and I enjoying a cup of coffee on the bench up at the farm

Georg and I goofing off. I know that jacket is 2 sizes too large, but hey, it keeps me warm. Besides it's up at the farm, who cares about looks :p

Helene and Georg

Helene and Hildegunn showing muscles
 We watched after Vera again, yesterday. We spent the day in the garden as I didn't feel up to a lot of cleaning up indoor after them... The rack of chairs is to block the stairs up out of the garden. It's called improvisation, you guys, or a means to be able to read two pages of the newspaper in one go :p

She actually did sneak out through the hole in the hedge you see in the background. She sat in the neighbour's garden looking at me with the air of "I don't have to listen to you, you're not my mommy" about her. After I ran around fetched her and threw her back into our garden, she changed her mind about having to listen to me. But she did jump on Georg chewing on his ears until he howled as revenge =) she is a feisty one, for sure and I adore her.
Two good friends, Georg and Vera.

Vera: size means nothing. I'll get you any day

After 3 hours of playing, it's time for a little rest

and a kiss

I kid you not. They ran around more or less non-stop for 3 hours before they tired and had to nap. Just to have 1/3 of their energy level...

I wanted to show you a video too, but blogger is being stupid and won't let me. I'll figure it out eventually

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