Monday, April 30, 2012

Yesss! ...or Update 2, if you prefer

Hubby got it. He is now manager of the division/unit he's been working at, the terminal division/unit and second in command(?) for the whole department. He got the money he asked for as well. He's starting in this new position tomorrow - which is a month earlier than expected, but doesn't really matter in any ways important....other than that his next paycheck will be a lot nicer, of course.

I'll probably be seeing less of him during weekdays, but I can't say that bothers me much as he hasn't been a force to reckon with, as in me not being able to depend on him helping me with  anything going on in the house, up till now anyhow, so *shrugs* it will be a change with few downsides, really.

The only thing he will be missing out on a lot more, is walking Georg in the evenings. I believe Georg will miss Runar and I have a feeling hubby will be missing Georg just as much. I'll have to ask Simen to help me out more with walking Georg on the days I'm a wreck. He will do it for free if I ask, but I think I'll add a little extra in it for him. Because I can do that now, which feels so wonderfully good I can't even describe it.

Georg is continuing on the upward spiral regarding him overcoming his various fobias and issues. He now walks up and down the stairs as it suits him. He even jumps into the car without any help or nudging. It's like he's suddenly gained an extra load of confidence and it suits him quite well.

My two brother in laws nearly ruined one of our tractors this weekend. They didn't really, but we're still maintaining the right to tease them endlessly about it. They were going to chop wood using the logsplitter connected to the tractor. Hubby has done some modification on the tractor, giving a bit more strength to the logsplitter, making the hellishly boring job of chopping wood a whole lot more quicker and easier.

Well, the two men started up the tractor and logsplitter and woosh - a hose popped off and gushed Alec in oil. They got it fixed and started up again. Woosh it happened again. Now they needed more oil. What oil to use? Not the kind they chose, of course. Luckily the kind they did choose didn't ruin the machine, so it's all good. Hubby gets to call them Pat & Mat and they get to call his modification typcial Gyro Gearloose handiwork. The family idyll is maintained and everybody is happy :P


  1. Yay yay yay! Good news all around! YAY for the family Cara!

  2. Woo Hoo! Congrats to Runar!

  3. Yay for the family, indeed! =) Thank you!