Friday, April 27, 2012


I've got a BIG secret. It's the friggin' BESTEST thing that has happened this entire decade! I'm so stoked I can hardly contain myself.

I am sorry I can't share until Monday
In the meantime, feel free to guess. are so not going to guess it!

Have a fantabulous weekend, guys!

Update:  Well, turns out I have to moderate myself and watch my vocabulary or something to that extent. Hubby is in negotiations for his new position and a solid raise. He has been told the position is his and that the pay is set(We're talking about a raise on about 9.000 NOK which is a lot and we need this sooo bad), but papers have yet to be signed, soo....shhh and keep fingers crossed? 

We're heading back up to the mountain tonight as it's Labour Day over here tomorrow. I've been clearing the flowerbeds up there. Things are starting to sprout buds and some are already blooming up there as well. If the forecast is correct we're in for a period with high temps(that means above +10C) the leaves on all the trees sprouts and the woods will be green and full of life again. I'm planning on sowing all my various flower seeds later this week. Joy!

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