Friday, April 27, 2012


the little blue pill that helps you quit smoking. I'm on it. So is hubby.  we're going to do it

We're both fighting fatigue, but I'm hoping this is a side effect that will be reduced as we get ...used to it. Hubby got nauseated at the beginning too, but this seems to have passed, but he has to keep taking 0.5 ml (half a pill) in the mornings. 

I don't get nauseated as long as I take them with food and have increased to 2 pills a day morning and evening. I'm doing well enough except from being sooo tired. It's like there's led glued to the soles of my feet and an invisible weight of something on my eyelids. I am however smoking a lot less and will probably quit completely during the weekend. 

We sat down and seriously discussed the matter and figured out that yes, the pills are expensive, but hey, smoking is a lot more expensive and that in the long run, this is the most economic we can do. 

Hells yah, we're beating this beast of  addiction this time!

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