Saturday, May 19, 2012

Anoter busy week gone by. Thursday was Norway's Constitution Day with the traditional Childrens' Parade

 Young and old dressing up. Some in National Costume, some not. 

Using various types of vehicles for the youngest

All schools are represented and all kindergartens and daycare centers. They make their own banner
This year it was so cold we skipped standing in line downtown freezing our butts off while cheering the parade on.  The Parade in Mandal lasts for almost 1.5 hours and as you can imagine, good shoes are essential unless you want your feet covered in blisters.  It's the first year in more than 17 years I haven't watched it and I did feel a bit bad for missing out on it, but with temps of 6 C both rain showers and strong wind, I know I did a smart thing considering the inflammation in my shoulder.  We did the family gathering both at the inlaws and at my parents' so  it's not like we skipped celebrating.

Yesterday the crane truck came and brought our boat on water. I nearly got a heart attack when I spotted the crane swerving over our garage and I hadn't had any calls from Runar that I would have to deal with it. It's the boys' boat and I've let them know in so many ways that I have no knowledge what so ever about sea-going vessels. I am a landlubber, anything bigger than a rowboat is beyond my skills.  

Thankfully, the reason Runar hadn't called me was because he had gotten off work early and was here 5 minutes after the truck arrived. The boys have been working like crazy to get it all ready for the summer season. Going through the wiring, changing a pump thing and hose, painting it both on the ouside and inside. It looks good. Didn't sink and everything was tested and checked. Summer season is officially begun. ...I'm not going out until temps are warmer and the strong cold wind has seased. It'll be fun to see how Georg reacts to the boat. I doubt he's ever been in one before.

Georg is getting more muscled and more fit. Yesterday when we walked down to the sea, we took a short cut across a field and he went completely crazy on me. He took off like he had a rocket under his tail jumped around and looked as silly-happy as can be. We've 'invented' this new favorite game of his. Chase. I take off like a madwoman(yes I am screaming too) waving his leash and he takes off after me trying to grab the leash. The feeling of hearing his weighty clubs of paws hitting the ground behind me and coming closer is exhilarating and when I feel the vibration through the ground of his low growling I get such a thrill out of it. Yes, I admit it, he brings forth the child in me, but pfft I don't care. It's so much F.U.N.

 He has never run me down or jumped me, ever the gentle giant, but he sure loves to play. I doubt the leash will hold another year, before we've worn it all out :P I do this to make him work with his leg-, shoulder- and hip muscles. He hasn't gotten any taller since we got him, but boy has he grown muscles and it shows on his stature(?) He now keeps his head and tail up proudly. He is goofy and happy, not only sad and oh-poor-me-don't-hit-me mood. He is also a lot braver than he used to be. when he ans Simen are on walks, he'll jump into creeks with currents - he didn't dare go near them before. He climbs up and down steep rock sides. In short, he's becoming a proper boy dog =)

The boys (including Georg) are up at the farm chopping wood today, giving me one of those very rare moments of a peaceful, quiet house to myself. I have a head cold and feel lazy and it's wonderful to just chat with Sue, surf the interwebs and blog. I have to kick my own behind into motion tho' I have a lawn to mow, grocery shopping and pizza baking on the schedule, so I guess I have to stop rambling and get to it...

oh, and what's up with all the young oldies returning to the forum? Is Luthien really back? I thought she would never return after her and Phi broke up. I remember Preia and Splints, but I never chatted or communicated much with them as I was an old fart back then as well :P

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